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The Carolina Kiln


Application deadline May 31, 2009

Notification date June 10, 2009

Carolina Kiln Build Aug 10-31, 2009

The Carolina Kiln Build is a kiln-building based event orchestrated by Eric Knoche and Josh Copus. This event centers on the construction of two Anagama type wood-burning kilns in the mountains of Western North Carolina. One will be a large simple tube, built with a flat floor to accommodate firing larger work and the other will be an egg shape climbing Anagama buried in a hillside.

The intention of the Carolina Kiln-build is to offer an opportunity for students to learn how to build wood-burning kilns through active participation and immersion in the process. This event seeks to foster creative thought about wood-fired ceramics and present a comprehensive approach to the construction of wood-burning kilns. Our ultimate objective is to provide the inspiration for participants to make their own kilns following this experience.

Involvement in the Carolina Kiln-build is by application only and space is limited to eight participants. Kiln building experience is not necessary, however the genuine desire to learn is imperative. See application guidelines below.

Tuition for this event does not cost money. Knowledge and experience will be exchanged for the time and energy of participation. On-site accommodations, including dorm style housing, full kitchen, and indoor plumbing, are generously provided for the cost of seven dollars a day. Participants are responsible for their own food and spirit costs, and should budget a minimum of 70 dollars a week for this purpose.

In order to achieve the intended results all participants are required to live on-site and participate in the full duration of the event.

The pace of work during the Carolina Kiln-build will be lively and swift. Participants are expected to work everyday and the nature of this project will require lifting and moving of heavy material.

Application Guidelines

Applications should consist of

A brief essay of intention. Please discuss your reasons for wanting to participate in the Carolina Kiln Build, your goals as a ceramic artist, your experiences with ceramics and kiln building. About one double spaced page.

2. Resume*

3. 1-5 images of work*

*Please note that we are asking for images and resume only to get a better picture of applicants. Depth of resume or development of work are not deciding factors in participation.

All applications and inquiries should electronically be sent to eric@ericknoche.com.

Application deadline May 31, 2009

Notification date June 10, 2009

Carolina Kiln Build Aug 10-31, 2009

Learn by doing. Intentions are everything. With our thoughts we make the world.

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